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1544. BOOK: (RIGHT-BARCELONA). ANTIQUIORES BARCHINONENSIUM LEGES, QUAS VULGUS USATICOS APPELAT, CUM COMENTARIIS SUPREMORUM IURISCONSULTORU[M] IACOBI A MO[N]TE IUDAICO, IACOBI GUIELERMI A BALLESICCA & IACOBI CALICII CUM INDICE COPIOSISSIMO NON ANTEA EXCUSSAE. Barcino: Karolum Amorosum Provensal, impensis Raphaelis Dauder & Iacobi Laceras vibliopolarum, 1544 (at the end). 4th major. 16 h. + 160 fol. + 1 h. Two-colour cover with woodcut trim and shield, with large woodcut capital lettering on the back with the worship of the wizards, remargined on the top but not affecting the typeface. Woodcut capital letters in different sizes. All the work in border and two columns. At the end there is a big imperial coat of arms and the colophon of the printer 'Karolum Amorosum Provensal'. Numerous marginal handwritten annotations from the 16th century. Engraved by BRUGALLA in Moroccan with golden irons in both planes and the coat of arms of Barcelona in the centre, curved and ribbed ridge, golden wheels on the edges and eyebrows, golden cuts, presented in a waterproof cardboard flask with leather profiles. An example of great presence. Palau 13067.

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