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1545. BOOK: (ASTRONOMY). GEMMAE FRISII, (RAINNERUS): OF RADIO ASTRONOMY & GEOMETRICAL LIBER. IN QUO MULTA QUAE AD GEOGRAPHIA[E], OPTICAM, GEOMETRIAM & ASTRONOMIAM UTILIS. SUNT, DEMONSTRANTUR. ILLUSTRI COMITI DE FERIA DICATUS. Auterpiae: Apud Greg. Bontiu [m], 1545. 8th major. 59 fol.+ 5 h. Symbols A-Q (4). Figures and images engraved in wood in the text. On the cover the coat of arms engraved on wood of the Duke of Feria, to whom the work is dedicated. Modern enc. signed BRUGALLA, in full brown leather, decoration of dry irons framing the planes and in the interior game of irons, nerves and cold irons in the spine, golden cuts. Very good specimen. FIRST EDITION of extreme rarity. The author, Regnier Gemma Frisius, was a renowned Dutch astronomer and mathematician, famous for his skill in the construction of measuring instruments and for the theories he developed, of great help in maritime navigation. His fame spread throughout Europe and he received an invitation from the Polish ambassador to work with Copernicus, an invitation he declined to remain in Leuven. In 1534 Gemma Frisius began teaching one of her advanced pupils, Gerardus Mercator, how to build a mapping globe of the Earth. Between the two and with the close collaboration of van der Heyden they built a globe in 1536 and years later a celestial globe. Both balloons were made under the protection of Emperor Charles V. It is quite possible that he worked in Leuven until the end of his days. This work is dedicated by the author to Pedro Fernando de Córdoba & Figueroa, Count of Feria, friend and collaborator of Charles V in affairs of state in Flanders. It also contains the license given by Emperor Charles for the publication of this work, dated in Brussels 3 November 1544. It also includes a Latin poetic composition by Joaquin Polites. STC 83. Adams G. 390. Houzeau-Lancaster, I, 2428.

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