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1554. BOOK: (HISTORY-MISCELLANY). RESENDE, GARCIA DE: MISCELLANEA DE GARCIA DE REESENDE & VARIEDADE DE HISTORIAS, COSTUMES, CASOS & COUSAS QUE, SEU TEMPO ACCONTESCERAM. Evora: imp. Andrés de Burgos, 1554. 4th minor. 23 h. Cover with xylographic border, text in verse in two columns. Coat of arms engraved on wood in the colophon. Enc. signed BRUGALLA, in Portuguese style in the middle of red leather with superb decoration of golden irons, ribs, golden cuts, edges and eyebrows. A somewhat short-sighted example. It is an appendix with its own numbering included in the Livro das obras by the same García de Resende (Évora: Andrés de Burgos, 1554). Very rare Portuguese print that is part of the 'works' of García de Resende, which in this case is not found. Abundant news about India, Africa, etc. It also contains whole verses dedicated to the Portuguese Jews. Anselmo 383.

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