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1556. BOOK: (SCIENCE - MEDICINE). VALVERDE DE HAMUSCO, JUAN: HISTORY OF THE COMPOSITION OF THE HUMAN BODY WRITTEN BY... Rome: Imp. Antonio Salamanca and Antonio Lafrerii, 1556. 4th major. 12 h (engraved cover included) + 106 numbered and unnumbered pages as follows: 42 engraved plates: after folio 28, 10 leaves; after folio 59, 19 leaves; after folio 70, 9 leaves; after folio 77, 2 leaves; after folio 82, 6 leaves; after folio 97, 8 leaves; after folio 106, 7 leaves, including the leaf of 'errata'. Shadow of old moisture on some leaves, rust spots and some darkened page. Nice intaglio engraving on the cover with the central coat of arms of the cardinal and archbishop of Santiago, with an old handwritten note and the seal of an old monastic library in Barcelona. A sheet added in the 17th century (1636) in front of the sheet corresponding to the kidneys, contains two handwritten notes that occupy both pages, referring to kidney operations carried out in the infirmary of the Capuchin convent of Santa Madrona (Barcelona). 42 intaglio engraved plates drawn by GASPAR BECERRA representing the human body (male and female) and woodcut capital letters. Modern encyclopaedia in full leather with golden wheels on the planes and curved hillock. Exlibris of previous owner. FIRST EDITION of the most important work on 'human anatomy' after Vesalius, and complementary to it. Juan Valverde, anatomist doctor born in Amusco, Palencia, around 1525, goes to Italy in 1542 where he works as a doctor and teacher in Rome. He is the great Spanish follower of the new anatomy established by Andrea Vesalio in 1543 with his work De humani corporis fabrica. Many of these engravings are replicas of Vesalius' illustrations, and others, with important scientific advances, are originals attributed to Gaspar Becerra, clearly influenced by Michelangelo. Valverde's great achievements are the corrections to the classics and even to Vesalius, as well as novelties about mus

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