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s. XVII-XVIII. MANUSCRIPT: (CHOIR BOOK). INCIPIT ANTIPHONA AD MAGNIFICAT. SABBATH BEFORE DOMINICAM SEPTUAGESIMAE. Choir book on parchment. 66 fol. (55,5 x 39 cm) Incomplete, missing fol. 13, 18, 31, 37-48, interrupted at the end. Three-colour manuscript: cover, headings and staff in red, capitals decorated in red and green. Large capital in red, blue and green on fol. 1. Pages with margin and outlined in black ink. Square musical notation. First heading of the antiphonary: 'Incipit Antiphona ab Magnificat. Sabbato ante dominicam Septuagesimae', begins: 'Dixit Dominus ab Adam'. It is part of the cycle of the 'Proprium de tempore' of the year-round liturgical office. It starts on the Saturday before the Septuagesimae and is interrupted by the Quancuagesimae, with gaps. Unbound religious.

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