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1640. BOOK: (HISTORY-CATALUNYA ). CATHOLIC PROCLAMATION TO THE PIOUS MAJESTY OF FELIPE THE GREAT KING OF SPAIN, AND EMPEROR OF THE INDIES OUR LORD. The Consellers, and Council of One Hundred of the City of Barcelona. [S.l.: s.i.], 1640. 8th major. 260 p. + 2 h. Framed cover, with the woodcut coat of arms of the city of Barcelona and a cartoon with the Blessed Sacrament. On the last woodcut page of Santa Eulàlia, patron saint of the city. Capitals and headings. Text with marginal apostilles. Most visible signs of rust on the first pages of the Enc. in the middle of a rigid parchment from the 19th century, a shingle and a golden upper section. Classic book about the 'Reapers' War', later translated into French and Flemish, it was a work harshly persecuted by the Inquisition, turning the preserved copies into a rarity. Exlibris of previous owner. Apocryphal edition quoted by Palau 238272-238274, clarifies that this is the print run without engravings and says of the book: 'Important work and capital piece for the collection of books and pamphlets related to the Reapers' War, the services and glories of Catalonia are shown and the humiliations suffered by the Castilian oppression are detailed'.

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