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[1759]. BOOK: (PHARMACOPOEIA). VEGA, LEANDRO DE: PHARMACOPEA DE LA ARMADA, OR ROYAL CATALOGUE OF MEDICINES INTENDED FOR MEDICAL ILLNESSES, WORKED FOR THE USE OF THE DOCTORS AND SURGEONS OF THE ROYAL NAVY, WHO SERVE OUR VERY POWERFUL KING OF SPAIN IN THIS ROYAL HOSPITAL, AND ON THE SHIPS, SO TO SPEAK, AS MARCHERS. Cadiz: by D. Manuel Ximénez Carreño, [1759]. 8th major. 6 h. including royal coat of arms engraved in wood full page + 165 + 165 pages (Latin and Spanish texts facing each other, also both covers)+ 4 h. Restored period leather on the lower part of the spine, but very beautiful specimen, painted cuts. Interior very clean and with the white paper without spots. Property note in the 18th century: 'D. Miguel Xerez Physician and Bachelor of Surgery'. FIRST EDITION very rare. The pioneering work among the Spanish ones, gathers the most used formulas in the epoch and a catalogue of useful medicines for the doctors and surgeons of the Royal Navy and includes the definitions and uses of the principal purgatives, broths, emulsions, pills, gargles, foments and poultices, as well as a news with the virtues of each one of them. At the end and after the index, follows a sheet with the 'Explanation of the snails to avoid any mistake', are the abbreviations of the measures used. The author, Leandro de Vega, was a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Seville, Master of Medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons of Cadiz, Doctor of the King's Chamber, and Proto-Medical General of the Royal Navy. Palau 354907.

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