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1852-1856. BOOK: (FASHION-ENGRAVING). L'ELÉGANT. JOURNAL DES TAILLEURS.- LE LION. JOURNAL DES NOUVEAUTÉS ET DES MODES D'HOMES. [Paris]: Imp. Mariton, 1852-1856. 4th major. 99 plates engraved in metal and illuminated by hand in bright colours and with precious detail (14 of them on a double page), mounted in a period volume. Vintage half-leather and water-painted cardboard, restored points, gilded irons on the spine with the title inscribed: 'The Fashion'. Marbled cuts. Slight ink stains from the hand lighting itself. Very good state of preservation. Original edition of these precious hand-lit plates, compiled in a facetted volume, which appeared in the magazines of: L'Élégant and Le Lion, between 1852 and 1856. Great repertoire of suits and uniforms for men; from hats of all kinds, jackets, trousers, to uniforms. Normally the plates contain from three to five characters (men and boys) per page, the last fourteen plates are double-page and with more than ten characters with their respective suits, indicating the respective designers at the bottom, and the places where to buy the accessories. Rare set of male fashion plates very rare in the market. Bibliography of Costume p.696, only a brief reference for Le Lion. A copy of the magazine is known in the National Library of France.

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