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LOT OF MODERN ILLUSTRATED BOOKSHenri de MONTHERLANT. Works. Paris, Editions Lidis, Imprimerie Nationale, 1963. 13 in-4 bound volumes, filled covers, red morocco spine folder, slipcase. Illustrations by Aïzpiri, Walter Spitzer, Bardonne, Trémois, Zendel, Chapelain Midy, Noé Canjura, etcMARGUERITE Victor. La Garçonne. Paris, Germaine Raoult, 1957. In-4, paperback, shirt, case. Illustrated by Paul-Emile BécatVERLAINE Paul. Romances sans Paroles. Paris, Vialetay. In-4, shirt, case. Illustrated by Mariette Lydis.A SUMMER IN THE CAMPAIGN. Paris, Jacques Haumont. In-8, paperback, shirt, case. Illustrated by Gaston Barret.SUIRE Louis. Le Charme de la Rochelle and images from Aunis. La Rochelle, A la Rose des Vents, 1965. Illustrations by Louis Suire. Signed by Louis Suire.TREATY OF PASSIONS. Editions Valetay. Illustrated by C.P. Josso. Sent by Josso.Three volumes are attached Memoirs of Charles de Gaulle. Plon.

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