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■ IMPORTANT STATUE OF MASCULINE DIVINITY IN GREAT BRITAINCAMBODIA, KHMER, ANGKOR VAT ERA, 12th CENTURYHe is represented standing in samabhanga, bare-chested. He is dressed with a pleated sampot held at the waist, a folded panel on the left side, a double panel in the shape of a fish tail falling in front, another butterfly-shaped panel at the back.Height: circa 110 cm. (43 ¼ in.), baseProvenanceClaude de Marteau collection, Belgium, acquired with Wiesen Antiques, Bangkok, 17 February 1969.Acquired by the present owner on 19 January 2007 from Claude de Marteau.(USD 119,179 - USD 178,769)To bid, please see the "Auction Information" section.

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