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Rare engraved and gilded bronze curved plate. In its lower part, it depicts the Nativity, framed by two twisted columns with leafy capitals supporting a pointed roof: In the foreground, the Virgin is lying down, her right elbow resting on a bolster; a midwife, one of her arms surrounding Mary's halo, comforts her by bringing her a cup; on the right, Saint Joseph is sitting on an upside down Corinthian capital, in a pensive attitude, one cheek resting on his hand; between the two, the swaddled Child rests in a masonry cradle with arches and matching walls; Above him, the ox and the donkey warm him with their breath; in the background, on the left, the eight-pointed star punctuated by small circles; in the upper register, bordered by small columns decorated with upright and superimposed leaves, different architectures, bell towers, facades with porticoes, galleries, ramparts symbolizing the city of Jerusalem; at the tympanum, Christ sits in a curled-up armchair with a backrest against the background of a hanging curtain; with his head surrounded by a cruciferous nimbus, he blesses with his right hand and holds a closed book with the other; he is dressed in a tunic and a mantle with one side around his right arm; the scraps of clothing draw waves between the legs and on each side; he is surrounded, on either side, by twelve ewes in groups of six; the lower part of the plate is bordered by a slightly advancing frieze decorated with chevrons and trifoliate motifs, while the arcature is underlined by an antique frieze of diamond-shaped olives alternating with billets; intermediate band and pointed arch decorated with foliage and palmettes. This plaque is set in a thick copper leaf with a socket with a plate on the back and ends with accolade points.Carolingian art or more probably Byzantine Empire, IX/XIth centuryRear mount ?Height: 18.3 cm - Width: 12.2 cm - Thickness at the lower part of the plate ?

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France - 75009 - paris
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