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Ornamental plate in champlevé copper, engraved, enamelled and gilded representing a knight on horseback, red enamel. In the image of the equestrian seals, the knight wearing a helmet, on his galloping mount, brandishes a sword in his right hand, his other hand holding the shield in the form of a shield; this shield, as well as the tunic and the horse's cover, bear the arms of his family Gules with ten bezants Or, arms of the Barons of La Zouche, cadets of the noble house of Rohan. England, ca. 1300Height: 9 cm - Length: 10.6 cm(some enamel chips, slight accidents)Provenance: former private collection of the MorbihanBibliography: White et Spirit, "Une exceptionnelle applique médiévale enmaillée" in NHR, March 2019, n°2, pp.14-16, ill.This rare medieval decorative piece has been the subject of an article in a specialized journal which gives precious indications: "(research) in English armorial bearings [...] has made it possible to attribute these coats of arms to the barons of La Zouche. [...]. The title of Baron de la Zouche is one of the oldest titles of nobility in the peerage of England, cadets of the noble house of Rohan. This origin explains the presence of this applet in theMorbihan since the house of Rohan is a surviving family of the French nobility, originally from Brittany, where it takes its name from the land of Rohan, in Morbihan. The Barons de la Zouche we are interested in for the period from the end of the 13th to the beginning of the 14th [...] are Alan la Zouche of Ashby, William la Zouche ofHarringworth and William la Zouche of Mortimer".From what we know of his life, it seems that Alan la Zouche (1267-1314), among the three members of this family, is the one best able to correspond to the owner of this ornamental plaque. For example, we know that Alan, the first Baron la Zouche of Ashby, "was in Gascony with King Edward I of England in October 1288, when he was one of the hostages.

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