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Carved, polychromed and gilded linden tree thuriferous angel, sketched back. Gentle, youthful face with almond-shaped eyes; short hair with stylized wavy locks; he is dressed with a deacon's alb with a raised collar and a hood with a tassel on the back.Swabian, Breisgau, mid-14th centuryHeight: 76 cm(some restorations, especially on the terrace and in the polychrome, wings missing)Works consulted: W. Stähle, Schwäbische Bildschnitzkunst - Der sammlung Dursch Rottwail, T I, Rottweil, 1983; H. Meurer, De,Die mittelalterlichen Skulpturen, T I Stein- und Holzskulpturen 800-1400,Württembergisches Lndesmuseum Stuttgart, Stuttgart, 1989. The position of the hands seems to indicate that this angel most likely held a censer in his left hand, his other hand placed under the object's container. Its thuriferous function may have placed it in liturgical iconography alongside a Virgin and Child. His eyes stretched out towards the temples, his hair marked with simple waves, the tones of his polychromy refer to the statuary of the region of Brisgau and Lake Constance.

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