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Bas-relief of curved form in deeply carved boxwood representing the Virgin and Child under an aedicula, kissing plate fromPeace. Seated Mary carries the Child on her left knee and presents him with a piece of fruit from her right hand; she is dressed in a half-long veil, a gown girdled under her chest and a mantle covering her shoulders; the architectural aedicula consists of twisted columns supporting an arcature surmounted by foliage; perspective effect with double columns in the background overlooking the landscape. Beautiful patina.Italy, mid-15th centuryHeight: 15.3 cm - Width: 9 cm(small border missing)Consulted by G. Bresc-Bautier, under the direction of De, Les sculptures européennes du musée du Louvre, Paris, 2006, p 238.The composition of this Virgin is very close to that of the Polyptych of Pisa painted by Masaccio in 1426, the panel of which is kept at the National Gallery (fig.). In all likelihood, this rare boxwood plate from the Quattrocento must have originally been mounted in a Kiss of Peace. The type of aedicula is similar to the one surrounding a terracotta Virgin kept in the Louvre of the former Davillier collection (inv. RF 688).

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