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Saint Wilgeforte in carved oak. The bearded saint is depicted crucified, her hands and feet tied to the cross with cords; her head is crowned and her face is framed by the wavy strands of hair falling over the front of her shoulders; she is dressed in a long girdled dress with hollowed geometric folds. North of France, ca. 1500Height: 59 cm - Width: 34 cm(part of the right arm missing, vermilions)Work consulted: L. Réau, Iconographie de l'Art chrétien, Iconographie des saints, T III, pp.1342-1345.St. Wilgeforte, devoid of any historical reality and born of an iconographic contradiction, was the daughter of a pagan king of Portugal who wanted to force her to marry. Having taken a vow of virginity, the princess refused and begged God to disfigure her in order to discourage the suitors.The Lord granted her by making her grow a beard on her chin. Her horrified father then accused her of witchcraft and had her crucified so that she would resemble her chosen bridegroom to the end.

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