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Oval shaped reliquary pendant with red and white enamelled gold frame with glass mountings. In gold medallions, on one side, a hermit saint (Anthony?) in a landscape, on the other, the Carrying of the Cross; openwork frame with stylized fleurons.Southern Italy, early 17th centuryHeight: 5.7 cm - Width: 3.9 cm(some lacks in the enamels and glass mountings)These medallions with glass mountings were made in southern Italy. The Pepoli Museum in Trapani has a similarly decorated pendant of the Annunciation and the Agnus Dei in its collection.Works consulted: Exhibition Trapani 1989, Ori e Argenti di Sicilia, Pepoli Regional Museum, no. 35 a-b, p 77; J. Kugel, Joyaux Renaissance - Une Splendeur retrouvée, MM, 2000, no. 80.

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