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Virgin and Child in fruit wood carved in high relief. The seated Virgin is looking at her Son whom she is carrying tenderly on her knees; the Son holds flowers in his hands and raises his head towards the mother's face.Eastern France, from a composition by Jacques Sarazin, second half of the 17th centuryHeight: 31 cm - Width: 21.5 cmIn a blackened wooden frameConsulted work: I. Rooryck, thèse d'Ecole du Louvre, 1979; Exposition Noyon 1992,Jacques Sarrazin Sculpteur du roi 1592-1660, Musée du Noyonnais, cat. 9A and 9B, pp 91-92. The author of this panel was probably inspired by an etching by PierreDaret dated 1640 reproducing a terracotta statuette of a Virgin and Child now in the Louvre Museum (inv. R.F. 2979, fig.a). The title of the engravingVictor ne sperne coronam (Victor does not disdain the crown [of flowers]) sheds light on the subject and a legend indicates that the Virgin reproduced was made by Jacques Sarazin, the king's sculptor (fig. b). This is a rare devotional theme that Daret's engraving has visibly popularized among artists; a polychrome wooden Virgin Mary with this composition is known at the Chaunac castle in Naves (Corrèze).

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