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Chasuble, 16th century, in late 15th early 16th century red cut gothic velvet with ironwork motifs, pomegranate, orphrey, 16th century, densely embroidered with two rows of holy figures in arcatures, gold braid, buckram lining (wear especially on the shoulders, cuts, winding, composition of ancient elements).Among the saints are Saint John the Baptist, Saint John the Evangelist, Saint Paul, Saint Peter, Saint Romuald, Saint Mary Magdalene, Saint Mary Salome, Saint Lucia, Saint Thomas Becket, Saint Bartholomew, Saint Barbara, Saint Anthony the Abbot and Saint Catherine of Alexandria. To bring together for the velvet of : Isabelle Errera, Collection d'Anciennes Étoffes, p. 90, no. 169 - and for the Orphrey by Doretta Davanzo Poli, Tessuti Antichi, Musei Civici Veneziani, p. 35, no. 17. Former Charles Ratton collection

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France - 75009 - paris
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