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Chasuble, XVIth century, in a gothic velvet, XVIth century, yellow gold woven background, red velvet decoration with gold alluciato curls of pomegranates and artichokes in undulating stems. Orphrey, XVIth century, in naked gold and polychrome silk of holy figures in medallions in the middle of scrolls, gold braid, blue buckram lining (wears, cuts). To be compared for the orphreys with the chasuble from the Lehman collection kept at the Metropolitan Museum, inv. 1975.1.1837. - Doretta Davanzo Poli, Tessuti Antichi, Musei Civici Veneziani, p. 50, n° 32 The velvet is comparable to that reproduced in: Isabelle Errera, Collection d'Anciennes Étoffes, p. 80, n° 149 - Muzeo Nazionale del Bargello, Collezioni Franchetti Carrand, pp. 48 & 49, n° 12. Former Charles Ratton Collection

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