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Central plaque of a carved ivory triptych representing the Crucifixion with red highlights for Christ's nimbus and gilding for his beard and hair. Under a low arch, in the centre of the composition, Christ on the cross with, on either side, two groups of figures; on the left, two soldiers holding gonfanons and four holy women supporting the Virgin; on the right, Saint John and three soldiers, one pointing to Christ, another with a gonfanon and the sponge bearer Stephaton. Italy, Venice, ca. 1400Height: 8.2 cm - Width: 12 cm - Gross weight: 98 gBears a collection number on the back (broken and glued)Ivory plaques made in Venice in the late Middle Ages are rare in public collections. This one can be compared to a right-hand diptych shutter kept at the WaltersArt Gallery of Baltimore showing the same theme under three arcatures (inv.71.190, fig.). The Vatican Museums present a complete triptych from the Francesco Vettori Collection acquired in 1762 showing, as here, the Crucifixion in the center, Christ emerging from the tomb on the left panel and the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple on the right panel (inv. 64650.3-1). Consulted: R.H. Randall, Masterpieces of ivory from the Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, 1985, cat. 350, pp. 234-235.

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