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Large stepped altarpiece in blackened wood and carved ivory surmounted by a crucifix.At the foot of the cross are figures against a background of trees, on the left, Longin on horseback with a spear, surmounted by the Pelican feeding his young, in the centre, the Palm Leaf of the Virgin surrounded by three holy women, above a cross entwined with a snake, on the right, holyJohn accompanied by two spectators, surmounted by the Phoenix; below: in medallions, Jonah emerging from the belly of the whale and Samson carrying the gates of Gaza, in the middle, Adam and Eve eating the apple with, in front of them, a skull resting on a femur.In the two lower registers are various subjects depicting animals, saints and symbolic figures. From left to right and from top to bottom:- a lion and a rooster, a sheep carrying a cross licked by dogs, Saint Veronica, an animal with a tail ending in an arrowhead, a sheep between two dogs and a rooster surrounded by two angels, a fox eating grapes, a ram trapped in a thorn bush, a dog with a bird hanging.- An elderly satyr and a child prisoner, a sheep devoured by dogs, a pond with swans and birds framed by a saint.Peter with a sword in his hand and two soldiers, one on his knees, a deer devoured by dogs, hunters surrounding a dog in the undergrowth, a deer chased by dogs, a skeleton and a woman in chains.In the undergrowth, a large rectangular plaque depicting a closed tomb surrounded by barking dogs, soldiers and a bishop against an architectural background.Attributed to Johann Michael Maucher and his workshop (Gemunde-en-Swabia, 1645 - 1701, Würzburg), last third of the 15th and 2nd centuries.Height: 115 cm - Width: 69 cm (some missing, small accidents and restorations, crucifix can be replaced)

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