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[SHOUTING: GASTRONOMY]. - Lot of 13 cries. Milan: 17th-19th century. A lot composed by a series of "grida" mostly from the 18th-century dedicated to gastronomic themes and concerning beer, wine, the manufacture and transport of wheat, duties demand etc. Included is: Notificazione. To the object of avoiding and preventing the dangerous consequences of badly prepared beer, the following Regulations are issued. Milan: Tmp. regia Stamperia, 20 March 1843. Folio (370 x 240mm), 4 leaves. Official regulation of the government of Milan for the production of beer.EN[GRIDA: GASTRONOMY]. - Lot of 13 grids. Milan: XVII-XIX century. This is a batch of mostly 18th-century notices on gastronomic subjects, concerning beer, wine, the production and transport of grain, duties on ice and "ferme" on various products. [NOTICE:] Notification. In order to avoid and prevent the dangerous consequences.. of badly prepared beer.. the present regulation is issued. Milan: Tmp. regia Stamperia, March 20, 1843. Folio (370 x 240mm), 4 pages. Official Regulation of the Government of Milan for the production of beer.

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