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Tapestry in wool and silk representing the America of the "Tapestry of the Continents", after the cartoons of Louis van Schoor. Armorial border decorated with foliage, flowers and garlands of flowers.Brussels, end of the 17th century.(Wear and restoration). Height: 274 cmLength: 360 cmThe Tenture des Continents was commissioned by an important Antwerp merchant Naulaerts to paintersLodewijk van Schoor and M. Spirinx, for the landscapes. The series originally consisted of four tapestries representing Africa, Asia, Europe and America, and was later completed by Australia. Each continent can be identified by its indigenous peoples and animals: Europe with characters in classical costumes, eagles and horses, America by Indians, crocodiles and exotic animals.A complete hanging is now kept at the Museu Nacional de Arte Antigua in Lisbon.A copy of America is kept at the National Gallery in Washington, D.C., No. 1950.6.1.

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