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A large and important bronze chandelierThe Netherlands, 1676The chandelier consists of twelve arms. The two-line lengthy Hebrew inscription surrounding the central bowl mentions the chandelier’s design which is « as the menorah made by Bezalel » (Exodus 25 :31-40). The inscription also describes in detail the chandelier’s origin and the circumstances of its shipment in 1676. Hence, it states that the « honourable Jacob de Paz » not only commissioned it but also sent the special messenger « Yosef of the house of Shimon Atarah » in order to transport the lamp from Flanders « with ships » probably over the ocean to the Americas. Curaçao would have been the most likely destination for this chandelier, since Curaçao was home to the oldest active Jewish congregation in the Americas, dating to 1651. Sephardic Jews arrived there from the Netherlands and Dutch Brazil since the 17th century and had a significant influence on the culture andeconomy of the island. Jacob de Paz, whose name is inscribed on the chandelier as the donor of the lamp, was a Spanish Jew born in Malaga where he had to hide his Judaism, he then moved to The Netherlands where he was an active member of the Jewish Community and became a medical doctor in Leiden in 1658.H_78 cm L_60 cm (30 ⁴⁵/₆₄ x 23 ⁵/₈) 

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