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SILVIO CANEVARI Viterbo, 1893 - Rome, 1932Il Pugilatore, 1930Patinated plaster sculpture, h. 82 cmSigned on the base: S. Canevari Beautiful plaster sketch depicting the victorious Boxer made by Silvio anevari for the Mussolini Forum. The sculpture, translated into marble by the Morosini firm of Massa Carrara, was placed on 9 April 1931 in one of the two niches on the rear facade of the Academy of Physical Education, in grandiose complex completed in Rome between 1927 and 1933 by Enrico Del Debbio. LITERATURE AND EXHIBITED: Retrospective exhibition of the sculptor Silvio Canevari, written in the catalog of the "III Exhibition of the Fascist Regional Union of Fine Arts of Rome and Lazio", Pinci editore, Rome, 1932, pp. 16 - 17; “Second National Exhibition of Art Inspired by Sport”, catalog of the exhibition, Rome, Mercati Traianei 1940; Work reproduced in “Le tre Venezie”, monthly magazine, n ° 11 - 12 November - December 1940; H. Schmidt, “Silvio Canevari”, in The body in the body, catalog of the exhibition by Bruno Mantura, Spoleto de Luca art editions 1990; G. Di Genova, History of Italian art of the 900. Generation of historical masters, Tomo Terzo, Bora editions, p. 16; “Enrico del Debbio architect”, exhibition catalog, Rome National Gallery of Modern Art, Rome, 2006; “Silvio Canevari and the war memorial of Civita Catellana”, Midossi Art Institute, Civita Castellana, 2006; G. Rigamonti, The statues of the Stadio dei Marmi, University of Tuscia, 2006; M. Margozzi, “Sport in the art of the Thirties”, written in the catalog of the exhibition “Novecento, art and life between the two wars”, Silvana Editoriale, 2013; Work reproduced in "Marie Claire Maison", Italian edition, Milan, May 2016.Good condition

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