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ENGLAND - BIRMINGHAM - 1916 Set of three polished tortoiseshell (Chelonya Mydas A/I) brushes, mounted in 925/1000e sterling silver on wooden core, blond brush bristles. The back with inlay of silver fillets and HA monogram. State of use, accidents including flaking, oxidation, etc. Pre-Convention specimen, prior to 1 July 1947 and therefore in compliance with EC Rule 338/97 of 09/12/1996 art.2- Wmc, and prior to 1 July 1975 and therefore in compliance with the French decrees of 16 August 2016 and 4 May 2017. For an exit of the European Union, a CITES re-export will be necessary, this one being at the expense of the future buyer.

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France - 93500 - pantin
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