[ARTAUD Antonin].FELS Florent.

Florent Fels quotes a poem that Artaud sent him and concludes: "I saw him again in Paris, I saw him triumph in the Passion of Joan of Arc, in the Cenci, whose blood was fed by his black genius. He was one of those who are not saved, that at least his Work ...".
The following are attached:
- An autograph letter signed by Florent Fels to Paul Levy.
- An autograph letter from the painter Elie Lascaux who painted two portraits of Antonin Artaud
- A letter from Germaine Lascaux giving details of the attached copy of a letter from Artaud to Lascaux, 2 pages in-4.
- L'HERBIER Marcel. Typed letter signed to the director of La Rue, relating to Antonin Artaud: "In 1927 I finally gave him a double-faced role in L'Argent in which he proved extraordinarily effective. To see Artaud insinuate himself into the offices of the financial magnates, play a subtle game, then stir up even the spectres of bankruptcy on the stock exchange was a delight for me. I could see in his steely gaze the unambiguous condemnation of this world of false value. I have never seen a more lucid condemnation. And never, poet more sure of being right, in his own madness even against the madness of men."
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[ARTAUD Antonin].FELS Florent.

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