1984 YAMAHA XZ 550

Serial number 001195
Sold with a copy of the French car registration document.

In 1981, there was euphoria at Yamaha. Under the impetus of Hisao Koike, the three-pronged firm set itself the goal of dethroning Honda for the title of world's leading manufacturer, and the investments made to this end were enormous. Honda's stature was already much greater at the time, but Yamaha is tackling it, without complex, on all fronts, by feverishly renewing and completing its range. The XZ 550, an all-new medium-displacement twin-cylinder engine, is the result of this excitement. With its four overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder and liquid cooling, the XZ 550 is a high-performance machine, but the four-cylinder competition (especially the very successful Kawasaki at the time) will still have the advantage in this regard. It's aesthetically innovative, with its angular lines and offset rear axle fork, but it will only manage to shock. A development to be completed Commercially speaking, its shaft drive deters sports enthusiasts while "tourists" remain wary of its sophisticated technology. Worse, the mechanics are sloppy, and the carburetion problems will never be solved. The XZ's reputation will quickly suffer, and dealers will have to sell off the last units in an early S version equipped with a fairing. Promising but a victim of Koike's excessive ambitions, the XZ remains the symbol of Yamaha's wanderings during this period.
4 t V-twin cylinder at 70° - 552 cm3 (80 x 55) 64 bhp/9,500 rpm - Double overhead camshafts and 4 valves per cylinder - Liquid cooling - 2 inverted carburetors Ø 34 mm - Wet sump lubrication - 5-speed gearbox - Shaft drive - Removable upper double cradle frame - Front suspensions. Telescopic front suspension, cantilever rear - Front double disc brakes, drum rear - Tyres 90/90 and 4,25/85-18" - 189 kg - 190 km/h.

This Yamaha XZ 550 is in satisfactory original condition. It will need a general overhaul before going back on the road. Its engine has to be restarted. Its side covers are missing. Sold without key.

Thanks to François-Marie Dumas and his website for the help on the description of this bike.
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1984 YAMAHA XZ 550

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