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Ary Bitter, Psyche and Satyress c. 1920, signed, unique specimen with dedication "á Mademoiselle Yvonne Boudier", terracotta ceramic, on a long rectangular base lying naked Psyche with small wings, only slightly covered by the vegetal elements of the base, the other sitting next to her as Satyress, the left hand of the Psyche with missing fingertips, h approx. 25 cm, l approx. 78 cm. Artist info: French sculptor, designer and painter (1883 Marseille to 1973), known for his animal sculptures which he executed in plaster, stone, terracotta and bronze, his work was also executed in bisque porcelain by the Sevres company, he studied at the Marseille Beaux Arts under Émile Aldebert and Jules Coutan, later worked in Paris in the studio of Louis-Ernest Barrias and was accepted at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, from which he later also received an honorary doctorate, he executed some monumental works and received numerous awards for his works, was also active for Susse Fréres, based in Paris. Source: Thieme-Becker and Internet.

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