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AN ICON SHOWING THE OLD TESTAMENT TRINITY WITH A SILVER-GILT OKLAD Russian, circa 1800 (icon), Russian, Kostroma, 1825 (oklad) Tempera on wood panel. The background made of silver, covered by a golden lacquer. Two selected saints on the borders: Sts. James the Great and Antipas. Overlaid with a finely chased and embossed silver-gilt oklad. Marked with city hallmark, assayer's mark, 84 standard and master's mark 'VG' in Cyrillic. Partially restored. 32 x 27.5 cm. ICON WITH THE OLD TESTAMENTARY TRIPLE WITH VERMEIL-OKLAD Russia, c. 1800 (icon), Russia, Kostroma, 1825 (oklad) Single panel with two frontal sponki. Egg tempera on chalk ground, silvered background glazed in gold. Silver, chased and gilded. 32 x 27,5 cm. Hallmarked with city mark, master's mark, fineness '84' and master's mark 'WG' in Cyrillic. Two marginal saints: Apostle James and Saint Antipas. Partially rest.

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