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AN ICON SHOWING SOPHIA, THE WISDOM OF GOD Russian, 17th century Tempera on wood panel with kovcheg. The haloes made of gold. Minimally restored. 29 x 23.5 cm. ICON WITH SOPHIA, THE WISDOM OF GOD Russian, 17th century. Single coniferous wood panel with two back sponki. Kovcheg. Egg tempera painting on chalk ground, partial gilding. 29 x 23,5 cm. In the center of the picture Sophia sits on a richly decorated golden throne in the shape of a winged red angel before a blue-black radiant aureole. She is flanked on the left by the Mother of God with the prenatal Christ Emmanuel before her breast, and on the right by John the Baptist holding an open scroll. Above Sophia, also in an aureole, appears Christ, both hands raised in blessing. At the upper edge of the picture, on both sides of an altar on which the Gospel lies, three angels each are lined up on a blue ground with golden stars. Min. rest.

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