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A FINE ICON SHOWING THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL PSYCHOPOMP Greek, Cretan, 16th century Tempera on wood panel. The background made of silver. The rare icon showing Archangel Michael taking the soul of a dead man to lead her to the other life. The archangel shown full-length, with a sword, in militarry attire, and with outstretched wings, standing on a nearly dead man. This icon came about since the belief has always been held that the Archangel Michael takes the souls of the dead with the Guardian Angel. Partially restored. 36 x 28.5 cm. FINE ICON WITH THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL AS SOUL GUARDIAN (PSYCHOPOMPOS) Greece, Crete, 16th century. Thin hardwood panel. Egg tempera on chalk ground, silvered background. 36 x 28,5 cm. Fine modelling of facial features in shades of brown with white highlights. Charming execution in a contrasting red-green coloration. Partially rest.

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