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A RARE TRAVELLING FOLDING ICONOSTASIS Russian, 19th century Tempera on wood panels with kovcheg. Consisting of fifteen panels. The central panel one twice the size of the others. The upper part of the panels in the shape of onion domes. The central panel showing a royal door depicting the four Evangelists, the Annunciation and the Last Supper. Above this scene the two major feasts (the Cruxification and the Descent of Christ into Hell). In the middle Christ enthroned and flanked by the Kings David and Salomon. The scenes of the fourteen panels grouped over five rows. The top two ranks portraying Old Testament prophets. The third row showing four images of the Mother of God and selected saints in full-length. The fourth register is representing the major feasts of the Ecclesiastical calendar. The lower row depicting an extended Deisis with the Mother of God and St. John the Baptist in three-quarter view flanked by the Archangels Gabriel and Michael, the Three Hierarchs, Metropolitans and Bishops waering liturgical garments and the monastic saints Zosima and Savatii. Finely executed. Minimally restored. 52.5 x 146.3 cm. RARE FOLDING ICONOSTASE (TRAVELING ICONOSTASE) Russia, 19th century. Fifteen individual hardwood panels connected by hinges with ogival upper end. Egg tempera on chalk ground on wood, nimbs gilded. 52,5 x 146,3 cm (opened). The central panel with double-arched finial shows the king's door in the lower section with the four evangelists Matthew, Mark as well as John and Luke arranged in pairs. In the round-arched field above, the Annunciation and the Last Supper complete the royal door. The two rectangular panels above show the two high feasts of the Crucifixion and the Ascension of Christ into Hades. Christ is enthroned at the upper edge of the picture, flanked by the Old Testament kings David and Solomon. The painting of the seven panels to the left and right of the central panel follows a strictly symmetrical structure with five registers on top of each other. The two upper rows show prophets of the Old Testament as three-quarter figures. Below follows a register with four icons of the Mother of God flanked by the full-figure representation of male and female saints arranged in groups of three. The following register shows the high feasts of the Orthodox church year. The lower register shows, in the sense of an extended Deesian representation, the Mother of God (left) and John the Forerunner (right) as full figures facing to the right and left respectively, flanked by the archangels Michael and Gabriel as well as the protomartyrs Stepahnus and Laurentius in deacon's robes surrounded by church fathers and hierarchs. On the outer rim, St. Zosima (left) and Sawatij (right) in monk's robes complete the composition towards the edges. Very rare, completely preserved travel iconostasis. Min. rest.

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