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A LARGE ICON SHOWING THE PROPHET DANIEL FROM A CHURCH ICONOSTASIS Russian, 18th century Tempera on wood panel. Depicted in three-quarter profile inclining to the right, beardless and with short curly hair, wearing a green tunic, a red mantle and a hat. Minimally restored. 68 x 39 cm. LARGE-SIZED ICON WITH THE PROPHET DANIEL FROM A CHURCH ICONOSTASE Russia, 18th century. Field of images joined from two hardwood boards with two sponki on the back. Levkas, egg tempera. 68 x 39 cm. Half-length portrait of the saint in three-quarter profile. In his left hand he holds an opened scroll. Painting executed in contrasting red-green colors. Fine shading of the incarnate parts in brown tones. Min. rest.

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