Part of a dinner setChinese export porcelain Polychrome floral "Famille Rose" enamelled decoration Qianlong reign (1736-1795) A pair of tureens with covers and trays, 22,5x22x33,5 cm (tureens), 28,5x38 cm (trays) Four octagonal trays, 17,5x25,5 cm Three octagonal trays (one broken and fixed at the tab), 29x21 cm Frour octagonal trays, 25x32,5 cm Two octagonal trays, 29x37 cm Two octagonal trays, 33,41,5 cm Two octagonal trays, 37,5x45,5 cm Two small tureens with covers and trays (one tray restored at the tab), 10,5x11x18,5 cm (tureens), 14x19,5 cm (trays) Two salad bowls, 13x25x26 cm Three sauce boats with trays (two sauce boats restored at the handles), 8x9x18,5 cm (sauce boats), 13x19 cm (trays), sixty plates (chips, two with hairlines, seven broken and fixed), diam.: 23,5 cm Thirty soup plates (chips, three with hairlines), diam.: 23 cm Twelve octagonal plates (chips, two with hairlines and three restored), diam.: 19,5 cm Eight octagonal plates (chips), diam.: 16,5 cm Five deep octagonal plates (chips, one restored at the tab, one with hairline), diam.: 25,5 cm Eleven deep octagonal plates (chips, two with hairline), diam.: 16,5 cm Total: 158 pieces

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