Qui est le Dr. Leroy?

Fernand Leroy is a qualified teacher, doctor in medicine, surgery and childbirth, and has been a research fellow at the F.N.R.S., head of the assisted reproduction clinic at the Saint-Pierre Hospital in Brussels and professor of obstetrics at the ULB in Brussels. He has published numerous articles and a book on twins and is himself the father of monozygotic twins. This is how he came to study the social and cultural aspects of twinning in Africa and among the Yorubas in particular.

Who are the Yoruba?

They form an important ethnic group that occupies mainly the southwest of Nigeria. For genetic reasons, this ethnic group has the highest rate of twinning in the world, i.e. one pregnancy in 20! The high perinatal mortality of this group, mainly due to the frequency of premature deliveries, has led to the emergence of a cult in which deceased twins are symbolized by wooden effigies called "Ibeji". On this general theme, these statuettes show a stylistic diversity that reflects their varying regional origins.

30 years of collecting!

During more than 30 years and in the course of his numerous travels, Dr. Leroy has been able to assemble a fine collection of pairs of Ibeji which is presented here.

All the pieces of this sale have been appraised by Mr. Yvan Guerrin, gallery owner from Brussels.

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Qui est le Dr. Leroy?

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