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DOMMARTIN (ELZEAR-AUGUSTE COUSIN DE). Autograph letter signed to his mother, Marie Rose Élisabeth d'Aulnay. Loano [on the Ligurian coast], 28 germinal year III [17 April 1795]. 2 pp. in-4, address on the back, red wax seal of general in his name, angular cut on the address sheet due to the opening without affecting the text. "NOUS ATTENDONS... INCESSAMENT A L'ARMEE LE GEN[ER]AL KELLERMAN QUI LA DOIT COMMANDER ET AUSSITÔT SON ARRIVÉE JE COMPTE RECEVOIR MES ORDRES POUR ME RENDRE A NICE... It is said that this army will make a very active campaign this year... There is much talk of a great reform in the staff. I do not know if I will be among the reformed, I believe that it would be wrong, because because of my wounds I would be obliged in this case to be given a retirement, still very young, there is a great appearance that I would enjoy it for a long time, but finally if the armies were purified in such a way that there would be at the head of the corps only people really made to serve the country, THEN THERE WOULD BE MORE HONOR IN BEING A COLONEL THAN IN REMAINING A GENERAL WITH A NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHOSE DEFEATS AND SOMETIMES VICTIMS HAVE BEEN THE ONLY RIGHTS TO GET TO THOSE JOBS, but I do not think I should be reformed. SINCE REASON TRIUMPHED IN PARIS FROM MEN OF BLOOD [with the fall of Robespierre on July 27, 1794]... people truly attached to their country can hope to see days of peace and happiness shine upon it. THIS EVENT HAS SOMEWHAT DISTURBED THE SINISTER PLANS OF THE FACTIOUS, AND THEY WILL NO LONGER COUNT PUBLIC MISFORTUNES AMONG THEIR ENJOYMENTS. Let us not kill them, they are not worth the trouble, that is my opinion, but let us reduce them to enraged by the common happiness without being able to disturb it, during the time of the discussion our assignats fell to eight per cent in Genoa and since that time they have already risen to fifteen, and as there are many buyers, they must increase rapidly, and for a little while, Finally, a partial peace, a wise government, completing the revival of the national credit, they will be very little below their value, may this moment arrive soon, and we all enjoy the fruits of so much agitation, peril, and suffering. It is then that we will go with delight to see our gods penates again, and cultivate the field of our fathers... "JOINT: BERTHIER (Louis-Alexandre). Letter signed by the marshal as Minister of War. Boulogne, 11 thermidor year XIII [30 July 1805]. Appointment of captain. - CERETTI (Luigi). Autograph letter signed by the writer as general inspector of the public instruction in Italian Republic, addressed to Giovanni-Battista Costabili Containi. Bologna, 27 pluviôse [year I of the Italian Republic-16 February 1802]. He criticizes the former Government of the Cisalpine Republic, and congratulates his correspondent on his promotion to Councillor of State. The Cisalpine Republic became the Italian Republic in January 1802 and then the Kingdom of Italy in 1805. Costabili Containi became President of the Council of State of the Kingdom of Italy under Prince Eugene.


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