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FAIPOULT DE MAISONCELLES (GUILLAUME CHARLES). 3 letters and a coin. 1795-1803 - Autograph letter signed as ambassador of France near the Ligurian Republic, addressed to the future marshal Louis-Alexandre Berthier, then chief of the general staff of the army of Italy, with 2 apostilles, one signed by Louis-Alexandre BERTHIER, the other one by captain Thomas-Prosper JULLIEN, then director of the newspaper Le Courrier de l'armée d'Italie in Milan. Genoa, 17 thermidor year V [4 August 1797]. A STRONG PROFESSION OF REPUBLICAN FAITH, written at the time of the crisis which, opened by the electoral victory of the royalists in March 1797, led to the coup d'état of 17 fructidor perpetrated against the Assemblies by the Directory with the help of the armies of Sambre-et-Meuse (Charles-Pierre-François Augereau) and Italy (Napoleon Bonaparte). This letter was published in Le Courrier d'Italie of 17 August 1797. "THE HATRED OF ROYALISM, MY GENERAL, IS IN THE HEART OF THOSE WHO HAVE DEFEATED THE KINGS, NOTHING SURPRISING IN THAT. IT WAS THEREFORE DUE TO THE ARMY OF ITALY AND ITS GLORY TO BE THE FIRST TO SPEAK OUT [Napoleon Bonaparte had addressed on July 14, 1797 an open letter to the Directory announcing that the army of Italy would support him, militarily, if necessary], when vile and odious counter-revolutionaries poison the public spirit in France, and already believe themselves sure of the return of Louis 18. It is 44 years since I exist. It is 36 years since I began reading the history of Greece and Rome and hated kings. Rousseau and our Revolution have not since weakened this feeling which is almost as old as I am. I therefore unite, O you brave men of the Italian army, I unite with your sermons. Welcome mine in the midst of your own. We are all soldiers of the fatherland and of liberty! May both triumph over their enemies. May all French republicans rally around the Constitution of the year three and the Government which is its guardian and defender. Thus all pronounced, I have no doubt, the Republicans will have the majority everywhere, in the Legislative Bodies, in public opinion, in the departments, in Paris and perhaps even in Lyons and Marseilles. The sleep of the patriots may have favored the royalists for a moment, but their awakening will kill them. Long live the Republic and the Constitution of the year three... "(1 p. 1/2 in-4, printed header "L'envoyé extraordinaire et ministre plénipotentiaire de la République française près celle de Gênes", address on the back, some foxing). Louis-Alexandre Berthier then dictated in the margin: "À envoyer au c[itoy]en Jullien pour insérer dans son journal... "Shortly thereafter, Captain Jullien indicated above: "inserted". Provenance: Provenance: collection of the Earls of Crawford and Balcarres, Alexander William and James Ludovic Lindsay (armorial bookplate stamped Bibliotheca Lindesiana). - Autograph letter signed as Minister of Finance, addressed to the French Ambassador to the Republic of Genoa, Jean-Baptiste Villars. Paris], 12 germinal [year III-1 April 1795]. Letter of appointment. - Signed as ambassador of France to the Ligurian Republic. Genoa, 28 brumaire year VI [18 November 1797]. Pass in favour of an employee of the Italian army going to Bologn (margins cut with damage to a signature on the front and an apostille on the back). - Letter signed as prefect of the Escaut to the future general François-Roch Ledru Des Essarts, then colonel of the 55th half-brigade of line infantry. Ghent, 12 messidor year XI [1 July 1803]. Concerning the colonel's complaint that the conscripts he received from the department of the Scheldt "are crippled and do not have the height required by law". MINISTER, DIPLOMATE AND PREFET, GUILLAUME CHARLES FAIPOULT DE MAISONCELLES (1752-1817) was Carnot's fellow student at the École du Génie de Mézières and participated in the American War of Independence. Politically involved, he joined the Jacobin Club and had a successful career as a senior civil servant: Secretary General of the Ministry of the Interior in 1792, Minister of Finance from October 1794 to February 1796, he was then appointed ambassador to Genoa with the task of preparing and supporting Bonaparte's Italian campaign. He was then charged with organizing the Roman Republic and putting order in the Cisalpine Republic, where he fought against the prevarications of Brune and Championnet. He became prefect of the Escaut under the Consulate and then, under the Empire, Minister of Finance for King Joseph in Spain.


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