Lot 17

IVANOV (Anatoli) & SOROKIN (S.) éditeurs. Srednyaya Aziya i Iran: Sbornik statey (Asie centrale et Iran. Catalogue Musée de l'Ermitage). Leningrad, 1972. In-8, cartonnage éditeur, 189 p. avec illustrations. et résumés sommaires en anglais. Contributeurs: A. Yerusalimskaya: On the formation of the Sogdian school of artistic silk weawing - B. Marshak: Bronze ewer from Samarkand - G. Balashova: A twelfth-thirteenth century pottery Jug decorated with epic subjects - V. Zalesskaya: A Syrian bronze censer from Urgut. - G. Mikhalevich: Account by Nasir Al-Din of an engraved emerald owned by the Khwarezm Shah Tekesh - A. Ivanov: Bronze mid-fourteenth century basin - N. Diakonova: A manuscript of the Golistan by Sa'di - I. Rapoport: Iranian sixteenth-seventeenth century ceramics in monochrome with relief designs - N. Piverdyan: Some Persian sixteenth and seventeeth century fabrics with figural subjects - L. Giuzalyan: An Oriental miniature with a European landscape - A. Adamova: Two pictures of the early Qajar period.