Georges Court - oil on canvas - 22 cm / 14 cm

Since the 80's, until 2020, the path of this painter SURREALIST then POETIC FIGURATION ...then ABSTRACTIVE, transports us into a dreamlike world, paved with premonitory dreams, hidden messages
, dream and unconscious. By the enigmas and humour, it is necessary to seek in the titles and the images, beyond the appearance, the message of the artist.
The oil and the multiple pigments with sensual shades, create skies and backgrounds to infinity, where the eye is lost. From Pang Nga to Brooklyn, from the West Indies to the Vendean coasts, from the Middle East to Canada, the beings at the birth of this pictorial path have their faces covered with bird heads and red dresses... Dreams...
Then, naked and bewitched by these lights of dawn (This is the characteristic line of this work), the characters take back a human face, soft and pleasant;
They are more discreet, more solitary turned towards spaces as far as the eye can see, always in the foreground adorned
with a red tint. They incite the eye to follow them in the contemplation of balloons in flight or floating along the water
in silence and serenity, mystery and waiting.
Then follows an "architectural" period, reinventing the 17th and 18th century palaces, the Palais du Luxembourg, Les Invalides, medieval sites, the Conciergerie, Vouvant, Avignon, and cities such as New York or Dubai:
Finally, the Orient with its deserts, its burning seas, a pretext for travel ... enigmatic travels ...
In the 2000's, Boissegur's work changes:
This painting of the unconscious and the dream is adorned with abstract reality: no more sky, no more sea, no more perspective :
. Of ochre and red, gold and green, the paintings are "closed": paths, gardens and walls, shadows of Italian or Provençal inspiration: A clear break in this transcription of the painter's soul.
From these multiple layers of pigments in bright colours, transparent forming a "brouhaha", emerge gold leaves marked with a 9-branched branch; and the beings, the places, the fairies appear this time... taking the whole canvas in their nudity, their immense presence: Beings, symbols: always this surrealist note.
The colors of life and love...
A balanced, progressive, rich and fascinating work, which shows the evolution of a creator and his "paw".
"Man reveals himself through writing, music, colors, and ... the
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