Yusuke Akamatsu
Dreamer - 80 cm / 120 cm

After a first career in Japanese show-business for 15 years, Yusuke Akamatsu left Japan in 1997 and spent 20 years in Asia, notably in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea and Malaysia to begin her career as an artist. In his work as a photographer-video maker, he chooses to use only the Iphone XS as a camera and work with Photoshop. He strives to describe the loneliness of people, the decadence of humanity and the thirst for desire. If he expresses himself through bright colours, it is only an antithesis to denounce the modern scourge of hypocrisy, superficiality in the quest for aesthetics, fear of death, loneliness and the rupture of human bonds. In his eyes, our world is no longer composed of anything but persistent images, traces of humanity's past existence. His works are conceived as a Dyptych whose disjointed appearance seeks to touch the sensibility of the spectator, so that he chooses according to his instinct the story he wants to see in it. One can nevertheless guess in each of his works a hope that proves that he still has faith in humanity.
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