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CHRIST in bronze, hollow cast iron. Hairless head tilted forward, hair separated by a median parting, large almond-shaped eyes hollowed out by a pupil, hemmed eyelids, abdomen with pronounced submammary ribs, long perizonium with median knot and short lateral falls, bent legs with juxtaposed feet.Westphalia ?mid 12th century Height: 15.5 cm - Width: 14.4 cmDepth: 3.7 cm(crushed bridge of the nose, wear to the fingers of the left hand)This Christ of a rare model, hairless and without suppedaneum, is not listed in the Romanische Bronze-Kruzifixe of P. Bloch, nor inThe Crucifix of the Origins at the Council of Trent of Dr. P. Thoby

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France - 75009 - paris
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