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Swiss Made On-Board Chronometer Watch for Smiths Smiths chronometer watch for airplane or rally car, 3-button model (with stop device). 8-day movement. Luminescent hands and numerals. Minute and hour totalizer. Graduated dial in 1/5° seconds. Chronograph control (start, stop, return of hands at 12 o'clock) by successive presses on the right-hand button of the case. Winding and time setting button on the left side of the case. Optional suspension of the running time by right or left rotation of the lower button. Right: recording stop, red indicator light. Left, recording : Green light. Example: A car travels 200 kilometres. During the course of the journey it is stopped at various points. The time elapsed during these stops will be reduced by the recorded running time if the lower knob is turned in the correct direction at the beginning and end of each stop. Overhauled, restored dial repainted. Embedding diameter: 8 cm.+ bosses. External diagonal: 10 cm. History: Was the essential complement of any rally car in the 50's".

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