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Italian brand catalogues Batch of catalogues of Italian brands or for the Italian market. Leaflet 4 sections Ferrari 348- Leaflet 4 sections Ferrari F40- Leaflet 4 sections Ferrari Mondial T- Catalogue 16 pages Ferrari BB 51é Berlinetta Boxer, 1976- Catalogue 16 pages Ferrari 400 Automatic, 1979- Catalogue 24 pages Ferrari 412, 1986- Leaflet 4 sections Alfetta Alfa Romeo- Catalogue 16 pages Alfa Romeo Range 2008- Catalogue 8 pages, The De Tomaso Panthera, 1971- Leaflet 2 sections large size De Tomaso Mangusta- Lancia Thesis cover. of 2002, including a 32 pages catalogue with Price List, 8 pages catalogue of equipment and options, 4 fold folder Colours- 12 pages catalogue Lancia Delta, 2008- 24 pages catalogue Fiat 1992 range. M. LOREILLE'S COLLECTION

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