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PULSOCON by Dr. Gerald Macaura. A device that, according to Macaura, should help women to relax and improve their blood circulation. Macaura patented a blood circulator in 1902 in the USA. Its Pulsocon is activated by turning the crank on one side of the device and, depending on the speed at which the crank turns, it can produce up to 5000 vibrations per minute. The device can also be equipped with additional attachments of any required shape and is a remedy for many diseases. It has been very successful for a long time. During his stay in Paris in 1914, French doctors argued against the effectiveness of the curative effects of the Pulsocon and Gérald Macaura was sentenced to three years in prison for fraud. He was not a doctor as he claimed. However, during his stay in prison, which lasted only one year, he allegedly earned $75,000 from the sale of the Pulsocon.

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