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BOSSUET (Jacques Bénigne). First [- Fifth] warning to the Protestants on the letters of the minister Jurieu against the History of the variations. Christianity withered, & Socinianism authorized by this Minister [ - II. The Reformation convinced of error & impiety by this Minister - III. Salvation in the Roman Church, according to this Minister: Fanaticism established in the Reformation by Ministers Claude & Jurieu, according to the doctrine of the Quakers; the whole Protestant party excluded from the title of Church by M. Jurieu - IV. The Holiness and Concord of Christian Marriage Violated - V. The Foundation of Empires Overthrown by this Minister]. Followed by]: Antiquity clarified on the immutability of the divine being & on the equality of the three persons. The present state of the Protestant religion, against the picture of Mr. Jurieu. And of]: État présent des controverses de la religion protestante, avec une reveue des ouvrages precedens & une Table generale des six Avertissemens. Third and last part of the sixth Avertissement against M. Jurieu. Paris : Jean Anisson, 1689-1691. - 7 parts in one volume in-4, 247 x 187 : (4 ff.), 96 pp. misquoted 66, (4 ff. first blank), pp. 97-159, (4 ff. first blank), pp. 161-249, (3 ff. first blank), pp. 251 (mis-coded 291)-276, (5 ff. first blank), pp. 277-457, (7 ff. first blank), pp. 459-632, (8 ff. first blank), pp. 633-837, (8 ff.). Granite calf, (contemporary binding). Hinges cracked, lower cover torn off, some restorations. Leaves a2 and a3 partly unbound, traces of wetness in the inner margin of the last leaves, tears with lack in the first title due to the scraping of a bookplate.


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