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Jean-Baptiste Clésinger, Cleopatra's Death 2nd half 19th c., signed J. Clesinger Rome, foundry mark Barbedienne Fondeur, bronze middle brown patinated, Cleopatra lying on her royal bed, wrestling with death, in her hand a coiling snake, at her feet a basket with figs, through which the snake might have reached Cleopatra's chambers, where she was held captive by Octavian, on ornamentally decorated plinth as bedstead, good condition due to age, l approx. 51 cm, h approx. 21 cm. Artist info: actually Jean-Baptiste Auguste Clésinger (1814 Besançon to 1883 Paris) son of the sculptor Georges-Philippe Clésinger, his father taught at the École des Beaux-Arts in Besançon, the young Clésinger also studied there, also under Bertel Thorwaldsen, exhibited at the Paris Salon from 1843, there his work of 1847 caused a sensation, a sculpture of a young woman bitten by a snake, the work was partly made by plaster cast from his model Apollonie Sabatier (1822-1890) and then executed in marble and mixed with classical elements, the use of the cast makes the work extremely lifelike (one could even see the cellulite on the figure's thigh) and thus caused quite a stir artistically and socially, even since sculptors worked with casts, were accused of lacking artistic work and rectitude, from 1840 became close friends with George Sand and Frédéric Chopin, he even took a death mask and a cast of Chopin's hands on his deathbed and created his tomb figure, Société Générale de Photosculpture and in 1867 its director. Source: Internet.

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after Auguste Rodin, bust of composer Gustav Mahler recto dated 1909 and signed "A. Rodin", reverse with foundry stamp "Alexis Rudier Founder Paris", bronze dark patinated, head depiction of the important composer, conductor and opera director Gustav Mahler (1860-1911), moving figure on black marble base, good condition, h bronze ca. 36 cm, h total ca. 40 cm. Artist info: actually François-Auguste-René Rodin (1840 Paris to 1917 Meudon), French sculptor and draughtsman, pioneer of modern sculpture and sculpture, from 1853 pupil at the École Spéciale de Dessin et de Mathématiques (also known as the "Petite École"), training there until 1857, during this time he tried three times in vain to be accepted at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris to study sculpture, but then continued his artistic career without further official training, 1862 life crisis due to the death of his sister and joining the order Pères du Saint-Sacrement, was released for his artistic work, however, throughout his life, 1864 training under Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse, 1870 with his master to Brussels, their ways separated by artistic discrepancies, however, still in the same year, 1875/76 study trip to Italy to study the works of Michelangelo, 1877 return to Paris, from 1897-1882 under contract with Sevres, from 1894 resident in Meudon, 1900 represented at the World's Fair in Paris, from 1904 president of the International Society of Sculptors, Painters and Gravers, in the Hôtel Biron further studio, now known as the Musée Rodin. Source: Internet.

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Josef Pallenberg, Roaring Stag c. 1920, signed "Jos. Pallenberg", metal casting dark brown patinated, depiction of a capital stag in rut, on rectangular, naturalistic plinth, mounted on black, light marbled onyx base, very good condition, h sculpture c. 35,5 cm, l c. 39,5 cm, h total c. 37,4 cm. Artist info: actually Josef Franz Pallenberg (1882 Cologne to 1946 Düsseldorf), German sculptor, especially known for his animal sculptures, descended from a Cologne family of artists, began self-taught drawing of animals at the age of six in the Cologne Zoo, from 1899 at the Düsseldorf Art Academy under Ernst Roeber and Willy Spatz in the drawing class, then in the class of the sculptor Karl Janssen, created his first important work there, the Sauhatz, this was shown in 1902 in the Kunstpalast Düsseldorf, in the course of the Great Trade and Industry Exhibition, presented in 1904 with 16 animal sculptures at the Great Berlin Art Exhibition, 1907 small gold medal at the Great Berlin Art Exhibition, created the large animal bronzes at the entrance gate of the Hagenbeck Zoo and numerous dinosaur sculptures for their dinosaur park, in the Cologne studio also created the Rominter Brunfthirsch, which was awarded the Gold State Medal at the National Art Exhibition in 1907 and is still exhibited today in the Berlin Zoological Garden, a replica of it stands today in the northern part of the Düsseldorf Hofgarten, he later moved to Düsseldorf-Lohausen to a new studio and housed there, among other things, quite exotic animals, he traveled, among other places, the United States and created throughout his life numerous works, tending more towards the academic, which were also highly appreciated by zoologists. Source: Internet.

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Marlene Neubauer-Woerner, Lady with hat dated (19)70 and monogrammed "MNW", under the plinth foundry stamp "Werner Braun Oberschleißheim", bronze dark patinated, bold depiction of a lady in a short dress and with a wide overhanging hat, in moving surface design, on small irregular plinth, in need of cleaning, otherwise in good condition for age, h approx. 53,5 cm. Artist info: German sculptress (1918 Landshut to 2010 Munich) 1932 from apprenticeship at the ceramic technical school in Landshut, 1936 graduation as master ceramist, worked as ceramic designer in Thuringian manufactories, but began in the same year to study sculpture at the Academy of Applied Arts in Munich under Prof. Josef Henselmann, from 1942 under Prof. Richard Knecht at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. After the war she created a large number of sculptures for public clients as a proven architectural sculptor, her main works include the large angel in front of the basilica in Ottobeuren, the girl on dolphin in the Westbad Munich, the large Daphne in Munich, the flute player fountain in Traunreut, the large Laurentius on the Lech bridge near Epfach as well as numerous fountains, including the Ida Schumacher Fountain on the Viktualienmarkt in Munich, she received numerous awards and exhibited at home and abroad, she was a long-time member of the Munich Secession, a large part of her life's work is exhibited in the school area of the Seligenthal Monastery. Source: Website of the artist, managed by her son Rainer Neubauer.

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Sculptures, marbles and bronzes

Sculpture, Marble and Bronze auctions combine art with materials like wood, terracotta, plaster, stone, ivory, marble, metal and bronze.
These online sales feature numerous classical sculptures, from bronze statuettes from the Italian Renaissance to Jean-Antoine Houdon's portraits in white marble and Augustin Pajou's terracotta busts.

No-one could stay stony-faced before this profusion of wood carvings, plaster heads, stone busts, antique lost wax castings, statues of the Madonna and Child and animals by Antoine-Louis Barye, Rembrandt Bugatti and François Pompon.

Modern and contemporary sculptors also provide delights for initiates in these online Sculpture, Marble and Bronze auctions, which feature Auguste Rodin, Camille Claudel, Aristide Maillol, Alexander Calder, Niki de Saint Phalle and Jean Tinguely, Arman, César, and the star of the auction room, Alberto Giacometti.

Did you know? A hundred years after the death of Auguste Rodin, a patinated bronze proof of the brilliant sculptor's Eternal Spring fetched €2 million at Drouot !