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Lot 13 - [ARTAUD Antonin].MANSON Anne.

TWO SIGNED TYPED LETTERS ADDRESSED TO THE DIRECTOR OF LA RUE MAGAZINE. TYPED NOTE RELATING TO THE LETTER ADDRESSED BY ARTAUD, AND AN IMPORTANT 9-PAGE TYPED NOTE WITH SOME CORRECTIONS RELATING TO HIS MEETING WITH ARTAUD, AND A TELEGRAM FROM ANNE MANSON TO THE REVUE LA RUE. "I met Artaud in '36... he had fixed an appointment for me in a workshop on rue Schoelcher which had been lent to him for a few months, a large empty workshop with a bunk, a Mexican hat hanging on the wall and a mask which was for a long time the subject of passionate discussions between Artaud and Doctor Mardrus, Artaud assuring me that this mysterious mask was a duplication of himself and frequently took its place in his bed. Artaud was slow to come, the hour was passing. I decided to leave when I met on the stairs a sort of beggar king, with a shabby suit, with a magnificent look who stopped me to take me back to his house... beware, you tell me Artaud, none deserves trust, there are no respectable people there except the Indians. The fact is that Artaud had led a difficult life in Mexico. Nourished here and there with a camembert sandwich, a gift from a restaurant owner from Marseille, he had sold his last suits and even his shoes to buy the indispensable drug when he left after a few weeks of stay to the North in the country of the Taharumaras (men with swift feet) to learn about the adventure of peyote from Indian sorcerers or to look for the traces of the great esoteric symbols, he will ride into this mountain country on horseback, dressed in an old, oversized canvas suit lent by his friends and wearing pierced tennis sandals.... A hundred times during our friendship, I realized that this man, whose violence was appalling, often got angry only out of disappointed friendship, out of a proudly repressed need for affection which sometimes pushed him to feign extravagance or madness to better conceal his feelings... Unfortunately, many things I owned, including some rather curious talismans that he had drawn, numbered and burnt on the spot, disappeared during the exodus." REMARKABLE TESTIMONY

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CHIGAKON MAGAZINE. Tokyo, December 1949 issue. In-8, paperback, illustrated cover.EXAMPLE FROM ANDRÉ BRETON WITH A NOTE FROM YAMANAKA indicating that this issue includes the review of André Breton's book Flagrant Délit, as well as a second note: "This review of your Flagrant Délit made by a Rimbaudian specialist named Saku Sato"- REVUE CHIGAKON. Tokyo, circa 1949. In-8, paperback, illustrated cover.The issue opens with an advertisement for L'Echange surréaliste (title in French), illustrated by Arp.- REVUE LE SERPENT. Tokyo, circa 1949. 2 issues in-8, paperback, illustrated covers.Issue devoted in part to Surrealism. IN ONE OF THE NUMBERS, TIROUX YAMANAKA HAS SUBTITLED IN FRENCH THE NAMES OF ALL THE PARTICIPANTS, ON SIX PAGES.On a reproduction of a painting by Dali, Tiroux Yamanaka wrote for André Breton, the author of the text in Japanese: Nouvelle tendance de l'art surréaliste par Shuzo Takiguchi. - Attached is a second copy of the magazine Le Serpent, devoted in part to international cinema.- Attached are two Japanese magazines from 1949, in-8, paperbacks, illustrated cover. In one of them, Tiroux Yamanaka says to André Breton: Translation of the letter you sent me dated January 26th in relation to a reproduction by Pablo Picasso and he specifies in French the author of a text in Japanese: "The first part of the introduction to Avant-garde Art by Tamo Okamoto will soon be published in one volume with photographic reproductions". In the second volume, an autograph note in French for André Breton: "L'activité surréaliste en Tchécoslovaquie par Tiroux Yamanaka", with the reproduction of the Cycle systématique de conférences sur les plus récentes positions du Surréalisme.A BEAUTIFUL REPORTING OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ANDRÉ BRETON, JAPANESE SURREALISM, AND TIROUX YAMANAKA.

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Estim. 500 - 600 EUR
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Lot 49 - BERTINI Gianni.

BERTINI, PEN SIERI LIBERTINI. Milan, March 1968. In-12, stapled.Original illustrated edition.- EXHIBITION CATALOGUE 5 COPPIE E 1 ARTISTA GIANNI BERTINI, Milan, Galleria Blu, January-February 1976. In-8, stapled. Invitation card for the opening of this exhibition attached.- CATALOGUE OF THE EXHIBITION BERTINI. Milan, Galleria Apollinaire, March 1964. In-4, in sheets.Text by Pierre Restany. Invitation card for the exhibition Gianni Bertini, Galerie H Kamer, February 1957.- BERTINI EXHIBITION DISPLAY at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, 18-29 May 1963 "Bertini is wanted"- CATALOGUE 4. DONNER À VOIR 1966, by Gérald Gassiot-Talabot, Jean-Clarence Lambert, Jean-Jacques Léveque, Raoul-Jean Moulin, José Pierre, Pierre Restany, Paris, Galerie Zunini, 1966. In-4 vertical.Invitation card in the same format as the attached catalogue.- INVITATION CARD FOR THE EXHIBITION HOMAGE TO NICEPHORE NIEPCE. BEGUIER, BERTINI, POL BURY, JACQUET, NIKOS, ROTELLA, Paris, Galerie J, October 1965. Text by Pierre Restany.- CATALOGUE ELIO MARIANI, Brussels, 1970. Text by RESTANY.In-8, in sheets. With typescript.- POST CARD OF YEHUDA NEIMAN TO PIERRE RESTANY, August 21, 1966. - NEIMAN CATALOGUE. Galerie Raymonde Cazenave, May 19 - June 24, 1967. In-12, stapled. Text by Restany: "Neiman and the eroticism of Mec-Art: a generalized aesthetic". - INVITATION CARD FOR THE PRESENT EXHIBITION OF DU BLEU, Alechinsky, Baram, Martin Barre, Bertini, Bucaille, Corneille, Don Fink, Oscar Gauthier, Cl. Georges, K.O. Goetz, Kujawsky, Osterlin, Paoli, Tabuchi, Vandercam, Wyckaert, Paris, Galerie La Roue. Text by Jean-Clarence Lambert. Cardboard addressed to "M. P. Restany 69 rue Truffaut Paris 17e" with the stamp. March 10, 1956.- SHIRT TITLED AND SIGNED BY PIERRE RESTANY, COMPRISING A TAPUSCRIBED WITH SOME AUTOGRAPHIC CORRECTIONS: LE MEC-ART UNE PEINTURE MÉCANIQUE, 7 pages in-4 and Le MEC'ART, 1 page in-4.

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